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Building The Future Of Music: Music By Masses

Music By Masses is the world’s largest music competition providing a space for listeners and artists to connect in a new way. Their vision is to create a music ecosystem that puts the artist first by fostering discovery and creating a platform that will truly revolutionize the music industry. If you have ever wondered what technology startups like this use then you are in the right place. In this article we will discuss their tech stack and their story and hear first hand from their lead developer a slashdev.io engineer.

What Is Music By Masses?

Music By Masses was founded in February of 2020 by two college students, Manley Feinberg III and Gabe Torres after a walk through campus at 2 AM. On the walk Manley and Gabe heard a piano in the distance and were drawn to the music. That moment they realized that there is a massive amount of undiscovered talent in the world that needs a platform to truly succeed.

With that Music By Masses was born.

They envisioned a world where musicians can go from their parent’s basement to the big stage all on one platform. They believe the music industry should be run by the people who matter the most, the artist and the fans.

Music By Masses is based out of Colorado where they are hosting events and building a community around music competitions that bring focus to the artists and help new artists to show their work to the world.

Building A Revolutionary Music App

In 2022 Manley was looking for support to develop their product into the revolutionary music platform they envisioned. Finding slashdev.io and getting in touch with the team he felt he had found the right tech partner to help MBM bring their product to the next level. They had a React Native app started, but is was far from where they wanted it to be.

Working directly with the founder of slashdev.io Manley was able to get connected with Afeez, a senior fullstack engineer with significant React Native experience who would be able to join their team and help them push their product forward. After a short period of time Manley realized that they had struck gold with slashdev.io and Afeez. Their previous experiences working with developers had been poor, but with Afeez they had someone they could count on, a senior React Native engineer with over 5 years professional React Native experience.

What Is It Like Being A Slashdev Engineer?

Afeez has been an excellent engineer for the team as Slashdev and the clients he has been able to help. He is a senior fullstack engineer with over 8 years of professional software development experience. He primarily works in React Native and PHP (Laravel). Hear directly from him about his experience working with Music By Masses and Slashdev.