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From Deep Learning for computer vision, time series analysis, LLM chatbots and more we have you covered.

Recently, most of our work is around LLMs (Language Models) that allow you to create intelligent applications that can comprehend, generate, and interact with human language. Today you have multiple options for building your own AI-Platform from closed tools like OpenAI, to open-source LLMs like LLaMA that we can host and deploy for you. This allows you to keep your data in-house and train your model on your own dataset.

AI Platform EngineeringAI Platform EngineeringAI Platform EngineeringAI Platform Engineering
AI Platform Engineering

Featured AI Platform Engineering/

AI Platform Engineering

Building AI Platforms Trained On Custom Datasets

We are currently helping several of our partners to build an products that allows you to run a LLMs trained on their own datasets. This type of solution can work well for companies that need secure data as we can keep your data hosted securely in your own servers, meaning you don't need to trust a 3rd party like OpenAI with your data. We are working with tools like OpenAI APIs, Open Source LLMs, AWS, NextJS, Python, Lang-Chain, and ChromaDB.

AI Platform EngineeringAI Platform EngineeringAI Platform Engineering

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For over 10+ years the slashdev team has been building software products for our partners. We are passionate designers, coders, and product people. With experience across 200+ skills we leverage our network of talented engineers to lead and develop custom software projects. Our project managers are experts in their craft. Helping drive your idea forward to a beautiful product.


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"We have now used Slash to help with development recruitment for several of our portfolio companies. Such an amazing service for helping startups get off the ground!"

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"We got in touch with Slash to get a frontend developer. It was really nice to see the range of talent they have to help entrepreneurs build products."

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"Slash treats you like a partner to give you the talent you need. We have now hired 2 developers through them and will continue to run all our technical recruitments with them."

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"We were very impressed with the quality of the developers in the network at Slash. We will work with them again whenever we need technical support."

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Hire Freelance Software Engineers
Hire Freelance Software Engineers
Hire Freelance Software Engineers
Hire Freelance Software Engineers
Hire Freelance Software Engineers

slashdev is the development agency of Slashdev a global freelance platform that connects top developers from around the world with the best startups, scaleups, and large enterprises in the USA and Europe.

Our goal is to be the best talent platform in the world and build everything with the future in mind.


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