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We are constantly improving our talent vetting process to ensure that it is the most effective screening process for global development target in the world. This is the core of our business and we take it seriously.

Ben - Software Engineer Tesla

Slashdev Talent Vetting Strategist

"Slashdev's vetting process is best in class and screens applicants for technical ability as well as communication skills. These engineers can start solving problems on day one."


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How Our Vetting Works - Top 1%/

Screening 2,000+ Applicants Per Month

From thousands of applicants we pick out 20-40 who will be the best fit for us. We are able to do this becuase we are experts at recruiting globally.

Technical & Logic Testing Rounds

We make sure the talent has the necessary technical skills needed with custom testing for every skill category.

Fit Interview

Our team meets with the developers for a fit interview 1-on-1 and ensure excellent communication, a great portfolio, and a top 1% profile.

Final Experience Check

Finally we check work experience, review scores, and upskill our communication standards - to deliver on our promise to you.


How Our Upskilling Works/



Communication & Professionalism

We get our developers up to speed with how we expect them to communicate.



/dev Development Values

These are the principles that lead to execution & craftsmanship.



Elite Operator Methodology

Our ethos on how /dev engineers work, what we strive for, and why.


Your Next Developer Has Been Both Vetted And Upskilled To Ensure They Deliver.

Our Average Developer Has 5+ Years Of Experience In Their Specialty.

Best In Class Talent Vetting/

By recruiting globally we are able to find you the best talent. Every developer you add to your team has been effectively screened through a communication & english test, a logical ability assessment, a technical skill test, reviewed several prior professional development experiences, and a final reference check.

Out of 1,000 applications less that 1% make it through our vetting process to join the network.

5+ Years of Experience On Avg.

Excellent English

Positive & Performance Minded

Stage 1

First Screening To Check Communication & Experience

100 of 1000 Advance


Stage 2

Technical & Logical Skill Assessment

30 of Inital 1000 Advance

/dev Score:




Code Review:

Top 1% of Network

Stage 3

Final Review: Code & Reference Check

10 of 1,000 Join The Network

A Global Network Of Engineering Talent/

Our Developers Have Worked At Companies Like:


We connect top developers from around the world with the best startups, scaleups, and large enterprises in the USA and Europe.

Our mission is to provide our partners with professionally recruited senior software engineers at an incredible value and to be the best in the world at it.

50% Americas 50% European

Our Network Is Focused on the USA & European Markets

5+ Years Exp.

Our Average Developer Experience

Work For Top Startups & Scaleups

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