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Finding a Software Development Firm: Tips and Recommendations
Finding a Software Development Firm: Tips and Recommendations


  • Finding the Perfect Software Development Firm For Your Project
  • Review Websites
  • Social Media Platforms and Online Forums
  • Seeking Information Among Peers or Other Businesses
  • Freelance Software Developers
  • Four Keys to Finding a Reliable Software Development Firm
  • Recommended Software Development Firms
  • Summing Up

When outsourcing a software development firm, a lot of money, time, and other resources are at risk. You need to find the best vendor, but there are thousands of businesses that provide custom development services, and that might be confusing. In this article, we’ll go over some tips and recommendations for picking the best software development company for your needs.

Finding the Perfect Software Development Firm For Your Project

It’s not easy to choose a reliable software development firm when there are a thousand options, and they all appear similar. The key to success is making the right decision, whether you’re looking to build an interactive mobile app, a visually stunning website, a fun and simple gaming app, or internal business software.

So far, the most-asked question is how to choose a software development company you can trust from the many agencies and freelancers. This leads to a more basic but exciting question in our age of too much information: where can I find the best company that develops software?

Here are some places to search instead of wasting time sifting through what could be thousands of irrelevant comments and reviews left by anonymous users. Platforms for development, directories of professional developers, social networks, and additional advice are among the choices available.

Review Websites

Numerous service providers (in advertising, information technology, customer support, and more) are reviewed and ranked on review websites. If you are already aware of these processes, you will likely be able to locate the perfect software outsourcing business to implement your plan.

It is pretty easy to find these directories. You just have to Google phrases like:

  • The top software development company
  • The best software development firm
  • Best company for outsourcing software
  • The software company with the best reviews

You can limit your search by specifying the year, location, technology type, and more. Regarding the number of reviews, review quality, and database size, Goodfirms, Clutch, AppFutura, and G2 are among the most widely used review platforms.

So, how do you make the most of these rating and review platforms?

Keep in mind that sponsored lists should be avoided first and foremost. One example is the business review website Clutch, whose default list displays several sponsor profiles rather than the top-rated or highest-ranked firms.

Also, you should use more than one reference book. Find reviews from many sources on the web. While your preferred option seems flawless on one website, it has certain drawbacks on others.

1. Clutch

Finding a Software Development Firm: Tips and Recommendations

When it comes to finding reputable companies that specialize in software development, online and mobile app development, search engine optimization, marketing, design, etc., Clutch.co is your best bet. Detailed submission forms, portfolios, client references, actual calls, and other methods are used to evaluate each company mentioned.

Clutch provides a wealth of alternatives, selectable from the perspective of a particular interest area. For instance, in software development organizations, you can find over three thousand legitimate businesses from all corners of the globe. In addition to the ratings, you’ll have complete basic information about each company on the list, including a synopsis of their offerings, a sample of their employment, pricing information by the hour, a physical address, and a phone number.

In addition, you can refine your search results by sorting and filtering. You can filter the reviews by many criteria, such as the reviewer’s rating, the total number of studies, the reviews’ publication date, etc. Critical examples of their work and reviews from previous customers (if any) are also available.

After that, apply filters to your company list if you want to narrow it down to specific criteria. Factors include location; utilities, education, business, finance, etc.; industry focus; hourly rates; project sizes; etc.

2. Rated Lists

If you value your time, consulting prescreened lists of successful businesses is in your best interest. It’s simple to see why this is one of the most sought-after phrases by customers and why many firms have repurposed it as a promotional tool. Articles like “8 Best Software Development Companies” or “Top Web Design Agencies of 2018” are typical examples of such titles.

Remember to narrow your search to more current timestamps; doing so will help you avoid receiving a plethora of unhelpful results if you don’t select a time range (from 2015 or even earlier, for example). You can further refine your search results by using additional filter options. Some reputable websites and social media platforms from the displayed lists include Medium, HubSpot, TechRadar, Quora, Steemit, etc.

Social Media Platforms and Online Forums

Many software development companies compete intensely with one another on social networking sites, which are widely used as online hangouts for interacting with friends and acquaintances and sharing news and other information.

The main reason is that social media platforms have long been excellent marketing tools for promoting services. You can use them as a helpful tool in your hunt for a software development project partner if you do it right.

Social media platforms allow users to gain insight into a company’s culture, social activities, and even more personalized customer messages than review sites.

LinkedIn is a social networking website focused on professional networking and finding a job. Users can post job openings and seek their connections for recommendations. On the other hand, social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter could serve as a public forum for talking about the company. Furthermore, agencies with impressive works can be found by exploring their Behance pages.

Forums function similarly to social media platforms but with a much smaller user base and narrower focus. You may trust the reviews here. However, many discussions have standards to ensure their quality is always upheld.

1. LinkedIn

Finding a Software Development Firm: Tips and Recommendations

LinkedIn, while a fantastic resource for professional networking, is just too dull for casual social pursuits and acquaintances. A renowned platform for showcasing the outstanding credentials of businesses, industry leaders, businesspeople, job candidates, and recruiters. As a result, it’s easy to locate companies and individuals offering software development services.

Just use the site’s search function to find what you need quickly by entering the most specific terms. If you’re looking for a company that creates software, for example, enter “Software development” or “Mobile app development” and click on the Companies tab to see relevant results.

2. Google

Finding a Software Development Firm: Tips and Recommendations

Besides the obvious uses for Google, such as those mentioned above, “Top designing companies” and “Best software development firms of 2018,”… If you try to use more niche keywords or approaches, as well as make the most of its digital features, you might be surprised by the outcomes.

Searching Google for “software development company near me” would be one way to locate a firm in your area. Google will provide a snippet listing businesses in your area based on your current location, complete with maps, directions, and websites. The full set of sites is accessible via the “More places” button.

3. Quora

Finding a Software Development Firm: Tips and Recommendations

Relax and ask a question on Quora if you’re the type who prefers to make educated guesses based on the first-hand accounts of other users. Or, if you’re looking for answers to frequently asked questions, you can search and read the resulting reviews. Recently, this novel platform has become a networking “melting pot” for businesses of all stripes and their customers, marketers, experts, developers, etc.

On the other hand, it serves as a promotional tool, allowing them to advertise their offerings overtly. A simple “I’m looking for a cool software development business for my web-design project” may get dozens of responses (offers) in no time. They are all genuinely attempting to raise awareness of their company and win you over by providing solutions, helpful hints, photographs, anecdotes, etc.

4. Sectoral Information Channels

Similar to Clutch, there are dozens of additional internet directories featuring software companies. For instance, Goodfirms.co allows you to look for top agencies by selecting specific criteria such as language, framework, and nation or browsing numerous categories (e-commerce, software, design, mobile apps, blockchain, etc.).

You can consider the following media, which we highly recommend:

  • GoodFirms
  • Extract.co
  • Business of Apps The Software Network
  • CrunchBase
  • Business of Apps
  • Adnify
  • They Make Apps
  • Contractiq

In conclusion, you should look for several options and pick the best ones for your idea or project. Find a competent software development firm and have in-depth discussions there on the spot.

Seeking Information Among Peers or Other Businesses

Whether you’re looking for a partner for a small software development project or a large software development agreement, this is one of the most reliable ways.

Your friends who have worked with software development companies before can provide you with an honest assessment of the firm based on their firsthand knowledge of its strengths and flaws. This will make it much simpler to decide if this is the right choice for your company.

No one would voluntarily promote another company’s brand without getting something in return. Thus the referred business had better be doing a great job to make this strategy work. However, this can happen if the end outcome is particularly impressive.

Freelance Software Developers

  1. Online Venues for Freelancing

Online venues for freelancing or a freelancing platform is a business that acts as a mediator between freelancers and clients.

By reading reviews of a freelancer’s past work on these sites, you may quickly narrow down your options to hire the most qualified person for the job. And, you know what? There are millions of freelancers on sites like Fiverr and Upwork.

In addition, many of these sites provide a function allowing freelancers to submit work bids. Thus, companies can determine which providers offer the most value for maximizing their projects. Keep in mind that cost should not be your primary consideration.

You might also check out Freelancer, Guru, Hubstaff Talent, Indeed, etc. if you’re interested in freelancing.

  1. Social Networking Websites

As previously noted, LinkedIn is the place to seek out your ideal candidate aggressively. Freelancers worldwide will send you their resumes if you post an ad on a job board using appropriate keywords.

The process of locating freelancers is typically straightforward. To find the best candidates, take the time to review their applications and portfolios, and conduct thorough interviews.

Four Keys to Finding a Reliable Software Development Firm

  1. Create a checklist of criteria to evaluate

Your expectations of your partner and what you expect from them must be crystal clear. If you’re looking to recruit a freelancer, that list serves as a job description. In contrast, when a software outsourcing development firm is doing the hunting, complications arise.

We suggest that you make a list of the following criteria in advance:

A project’s field (fintech, healthcare, utility, education, etc.).
Goals of the Product (for marketing, generating profit, etc.).
Financial plan.
Technologies (programming language, database languages, etc.)
Characteristics and capabilities of the product.
Process for Managing Projects (SCRUM, waterfall, etc.).

  1. Research thoroughly.

In addition to the resources mentioned earlier (review sites, social networking sites, recommendations from friends and family, etc.), a software development company’s website is another excellent resource for learning more about a given firm.

In addition, you should investigate their previous work, ongoing initiatives, and list of partners and clients.

See if any of the remaining options meet your requirements or catch your attention. You can rest assured even more so if you contact their prior customers via email and ask for their input.

  1. Prioritize value, expertise, credibility, and competence over cost.

As mentioned before, price shouldn’t be your primary consideration when making a business or personal investment decision.

In most cases, the actual cost will end up being twice as much as the initial estimate if you go with a company that offers a low price. What they were capable of, their subject expertise, their honesty, and the team’s expertise should all be considered in this light.

  1. Discussing the project with the developers.

Now that you have a shortlist of 3–4 companies, it is time to conduct interviews with members of the development team rather than the sales force. If you don’t know much about technology, you should bring a specialist to the interview with you. To find the most promising candidate, with their assistance.

This interview is also helpful for gauging their proficiency in English and other areas of communication, as well as their ability to think critically and solve problems.

Recommended Software Development Firms

We’ve done the legwork for you if you’re tired of looking for your perfect partner and ready to settle down with the right software development company:

  • Slashdev
  • Vega IT Sourcing
  • TechBear
  • Parrolabs Inc
  • Terasol Technologies
  • Apiumhub
  • Cognitive Clouds
  • CodeRiders
  • Kroon Studio
  • Clarion Technologies
  • Idea
  • Applaudo Studios

Summing Up

We’re putting the decision in your hands now, and we hope you’ll make the best one possible. Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions regarding this article!

If you need a software development firm, Slashdev could be your perfect match. Let us know what you have in mind, and we will make it a reality.