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How to Find and Hire Qualified Flutter Developers Offshore
How to Find and Hire Qualified Flutter Developers Offshore


  • How Ukrainian Developers Differ From Other Flutter Developers
  • Roles of a Flutter Developer
  • Critical Qualifications for a Flutter Developer
  • Flutter Developers’ Salaries in Ukraine and Other Countries
  • Hiring Foreign Flutter Developers
  • Hiring Flutter Developers in Ukraine: 3 Most Common Approaches
  • Something To Keep In Mind As You Hire Freelancers
  • In Conclusion – The Benefits of Working with Ukrainian Flutter Developers

Flutter is still developing, and its complexity makes it challenging to find developers proficient in the SDK’s use. Flutter developers are in high demand; therefore, employers should brace themselves for a competitive job market. Nonetheless, there’s another option. Teams worldwide are willing to take on your Flutter project at low pricing if you are open to remote development. Ukraine is a great example. Now, we wouldn’t want you to make a hasty choice, so lean back, relax, and let us run down the requirements you’ll need to find competent Flutter developers.

How Ukrainian Developers Differ From Other Flutter Developers

Ukraine has spent the last two decades striving to establish itself as a premier hub for remote software development. Ukraine has some significant advantages over other countries with similar aspirations. Let’s take a look at it:

1. Communication. Ukrainians are quickly catching up to the rest of the world regarding English proficiency, particularly in information technology. Recent surveys have found that most (over 70 percent) of Ukrainian programmers are at least intermediate-level English speakers.

2. Education. This distinction is mainly because most Ukrainian technical universities still teach the soviet school of engineering, which focuses heavily on practical training. Software developers in Ukraine have a knack for problem-solving and usually offer innovative approaches.

3. Motivation. In Ukraine, becoming a software developer is often a fast track to a successful career. Middle and Senior developers receive substantially greater compensation than other popular vocations and are prepared to work harder to retain their way of life.

The Ukrainian work environment is also worth mentioning. Most flutter developers are self-reliant, requiring little oversight while completing tasks and advancing the project. This is a massive benefit for situations where team members in different locations can only sometimes coordinate their work schedules. However, your consistent feedback is still very much appreciated by the Ukrainian programmers that work on this.

Roles of a Flutter Developer

Mobile and web applications are both common uses for Flutter. Collaboration and adherence to current design practices are hallmarks of successful creative teams. As a result, here are some requirements for prospective Flutter developers to meet:

  • Be familiar with the fundamentals of Agile development and why it’s crucial.
  • Possess the ability to write code that is both clear and well-documented.
  • Maximize the effectiveness of software that interacts directly with users.
  • Adhere to the company’s policies and exhibit basic interpersonal skills.

Why Should Flutter Developers Embrace Agile

As far as developers are concerned, the Agile methodology represents the gold standard. If your developers need to become more familiar with Agile, it could slow down the delivery of results and the ability to respond to shifting needs.

Understanding the Importance of Readable Code in Flutter

The code you write may function perfectly fine now, but that doesn’t mean nothing could go wrong tomorrow. You can’t easily maintain or update the code if it’s knotted like spaghetti and nobody knows how the methods work. Therefore, a developer must have the skill of writing code that is both easy to understand and adequately documented.

Why Code Optimization Is Crucial for Flutter Developers

Most Flutter apps are available on iOS and Android, which means they need to strike a balance between speed and efficiency in light of mobile devices’ limited processing power and battery life. The two IT giants are racing to the top by emphasizing the most interactive and visually appealing user experiences possible. As a result, optimizing code is a vital talent and requires a delicate balancing act.

The Importance of Interpersonal Competence for Flutter Developers

Hollywood has portrayed software engineers as introverted geeks. It’s not wholly inappropriate, as engineers typically work in teams and must communicate internally and externally. For this reason, you’ll want designers who can articulate their ideas clearly while maintaining a dignified demeanor.

Critical Qualifications for a Flutter Developer

Flutter is cutting-edge; the software development kit (SDK) even includes a new programming language, Dart. And the level playing field between developers of varying skill levels is another benefit of the relative novelty.

So, here is a short list of the skills needed to develop Flutter:

  • Familiarity with and enthusiasm for Flutter
  • Competence in creating apps for both Android and iOS
  • Expertise in using version control systems, such as Git

Flutter Developers’ Salaries in Ukraine and Other Countries

Indeed.com reports that Flutter developers are in extremely high demand in the United States and Western Europe, with average salaries 1.25 times higher than those of other software developers.

UkraineUSAWestern Europe
The average annual salary for a middle Flutter developer, USD30,000130,00061,000
*Keep in mind that the aforementioned salaries do not cover the full expense of employing software developers through Slashdev.

On the other hand, Ukraine-based developers are significantly less expensive and just as high-quality. Primarily, this can be attributed to the considerably cheaper cost of living. You won’t find a more qualified candidate for the job of Flutter app developer.

Hiring Foreign Flutter Developers

There is a growing need for offshore developers, which is a good reason why more and more companies are trying to find a Flutter developer abroad. Many factors contribute to this:

1. Teams that are committed to their work. Hiring a specialized team to meet your company’s demands all at once is more efficient than searching for individual experts.

2. Cost-efficiency. This is the primary motivation for companies to bring in foreign Flutter developers. Nevertheless, reduced prices don’t necessarily indicate lesser quality; instead, they reflect lower living costs in their country.

3. A bigger talent pool. As most local developers have been hired by IT giants in the US and Western Europe, offshore development firms can find a wealth of highly skilled workers in Eastern Europe, Asia, China, Singapore, Latin America, and elsewhere.

Because of this, businesses can save money, have access to more knowledge, and improve the overall quality of their software by contracting with remote Flutter developers. Another advantage is that you can supplement your existing staff or hire a separate, specialized team, whichever works best for you.

Why Build a Specialized Flutter Team?

The benefits of recruiting a whole team include increased efficiency and less workload, as individual team members need not be sought out. You can adjust the team size as needed by adding or removing specialists as the workload fluctuates. In addition, you may be sure that every person you hire through outsourcing has the necessary skills and experience.

You also won’t have to worry about organizing a dedicated team’s working conditions, including vacations, days off, and sick days. Furthermore, if you have a Flutter-specific team, you may exercise as much discretion as you like. You can either be present at each meeting or delegate your responsibilities to a project manager or human resources representative. The fact that your team is responsible for everything is a great perk of working on a dedicated team.

Discovering Your Dedicated Flutter Team

The cost of their services, as well as their location and the time zone difference, should be considered before hiring full-time Flutter developers. With these guidelines in mind, you can zero down on a few key locations to locate the necessary specialists: Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe.

Regarding outsourcing, Eastern Europe is popular due to its abundant cheap labor and high-quality offshore development firms. In particular, we are referring to Ukraine.

Hiring Flutter Developers in Ukraine: 3 Most Common Approaches

There are generally three ways to hire development teams:

  • Freelance platforms
  • Recruiting agencies
  • IT project expansion companies

It would be best to weigh the benefits of all three options before making a final choice.

Something To Keep In Mind As You Hire Freelancers

Freelancers are desirable to businesses needing a quick solution since they have a wealth of experience, are self-motivated, are flexible, and are easy to replace (if necessary). Still, they have their flaws.

  • Freelancers are independent. Freelancers are not employees, they set their hours, and it can be challenging to coordinate the efforts of several of them.
  • Freelancers can be unreliable. They tend to leave and return randomly, and they may not be as invested in your project as you are.

In Conclusion – The Benefits of Working with Ukrainian Flutter Developers

It’s a good idea to hire Flutter programmers from Ukraine. They are helpful when developing an app for a web service or expanding your knowledge of Flutter. In addition, they don’t have the issues that often plague outsourced teams, such as a lack of drive or communication difficulties.

Are you looking for Flutter experts to hire? We know where to find the best programmers and can help you hire them. Our experienced Flutter developers have worked on dozens of projects and are ready to begin working on yours as soon as we reach an agreement.