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How To Get Hired As A Remote Software Engineer For A USA Company//



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How To Get Hired As A Remote Software Engineer For A USA Company/
How To Get Hired As A Remote Software Engineer For A USA Company


Nothing beats first-hand experience. In order to get a job at a top USA company, you need to make sure you have put in the work and have several years of professional development experience. It is possible to get a remote job with a USA company with only 3 years of experience in your tech stack, however, it is much more common for developers to have 5+ years of experience with their technology stack.


The first thing that clients will want to see is the projects you have worked with in the past. If you are a front-end engineer they will want to see some of the frontends that you have built. If you are a backend engineer they will want a tour of some of the admin panels you have built functionalities for, they will want you to show them that you are excellent at what you do. A great set of projects is the most powerful way you can show off to a client. When a client can see you have worked with 5+ companies building excellent production-grade applications they will know right away that you are someone who can deliver for them.

In-Demand Skills

In order to even be considered for many jobs to you need to make sure that your skillset is up to date with modern technologies. These days most new tech is built in React, Node.js, C#, Go, Vue, Flutter, iOS, and Android to name a few. Older technologies like Java are still used by many large companies, however, very few new projects are built in Java from day 1.

Make sure that you have a tech stack that is up to date with the times. This will allow you to compete for more interesting jobs and also higher pay.

Clean Code

Smart companies want developers who can write clean & maintained code. They want to know what design patterns you follow, how you organize your components and logic, how you document your code, etc. Developers who have built many applications and have a great understanding of how to write their applications in the most modern and effective way stand out in interviews. Even if you are just getting started make sure you learn how to build your frontend/backend in the most modern and effective way. Practice writing documentation for your code and setting things up so that they are built to last.


If you want to take it one step further start to master your understanding of unit testing your code. This is a more advanced topic typically used on larger professional projects. However, getting a strong foundation in these skills will set you up for just these types of jobs in the future. You will need to learn how to design, run, and measure your tests to make sure that your code is ready to deploy.

Strong English & Communication Skills

Working with a USA company means that you must have strong English and communication skills. You don’t need to be perfect but you need to be able to function in development meetings without slowing things down. Generally, if you are struggling to speak without getting stuck you should work on sharpening your English skills in order to make sure you advance in interviews. The good thing is that with skilled professions like development your experience will speak volumes for you even if your English is not excellent. However, there is no substitute for good communication skills. You need to make sure you are always asking good questions and working to proactively update the client on where you are at and where things are going. Developers who communicate well always win in the eyes of clients.

Your Options To Get The Job/

Apply To Companies

You can apply to companies directly by searching online for companies that are looking for developers. This is a tedious process and will likely take many applications before you get any results. In addition, many of these companies will be looking to hire local talent and will be less open to hiring you to join their team.

Work Freelance

You can work as a freelancer on platforms like Upwork and Fivvr. However, as almost everyone on those platforms learns the small projects are not worth it for all the time you need to invest in trying to get projects. You can get lucky and find something long-term but most projects will be short deadlines and poorly defined requirements.

Join slashdev.io

By joining slashdev.io top engineers can get connected to a pool of USA companies looking to hire part-time and full-time software engineers. You will be able to make more money than you would be able to on your own while at the same time working a long-term job that you can settle into and grow within. 90% of slashdev.io engineers are working full-time with companies on a long-term basis. These are fast-growing cutting-edge companies with interesting products and solutions to work with.