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How To Screen Developers For Technical Skill//



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How To Screen Developers For Technical Skill/

How To Screen Developers For Technical Skill

There Are Different Types of People Who Are All Technically Skilled

Interviewing for technical skill can be hard. It is also important there are many types of people who are technically skilled. There are people who can get 100% on a technical code test, there are people who have the grit to keep solving problems and get it done, and there are people who are creative and do good research to solve problems to name a few. We say this so that you know that a test score alone is not the only thing to consider.

Work Experience Is An Easy Data Point For Success

The best way we have found to know if a developer is skilled is always experience. An excellent portfolio or a previous job with great references is the single most important factor in knowing if a developer can produce.


There are many technical test templates on the web and also online code tests. We screen all of our developers through technical rounds so that you do not need to. For those recruiting on their own, this can be a nice step in your process.