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How To Succeed With Remote Development Talent/

How To Succeed With Remote Development Talent

1. Daily Communication

Having daily communication with your remote developers through slack or another messaging service is the best way to drive a successful project forward. We recommend daily standups and frequent Q&As.

2. Get The Basic Setup Done

Make sure your new developer has everything they need to work with your technology and start building. Give them access to your codebase, slack, development backlog, and setup their local environment.

3. Start Small With Fast Feedback Loops

Make sure you have some short projects to work with the developer on when getting started and have a clear deadline for completion. This allows you to give feedback in days rather than waiting weeks to spot problems.

4. Put In The Time To Be A Good Leader And Set Clear Expectations

Let the developer know, “if you can complete X, Y, and Z by Friday we would feel great about moving forward with you”. Be crystal clear in your expectations and let them strive to meet them.

5. Have A Long-Term Vision

Get clear with your team and your new developer on what the long-term vision is for your company. Each quarter set new targets to make sure you are on track to realize this vision.