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London’s Leading Tech Recruiters for the Year 2022


  • Finding and Hiring the Best Tech Talent
  • Few Challenges of Technical Recruiting
  • Tools and Resources for Finding and Attracting Qualified Tech Talent
  • 2022 List of Leading Tech Recruiters in London
  • The Path to Technical Recruiting Success
  • In Summary
Top Tech Recruiters in London 2022

Using a tech recruiting agency can save businesses time and money while improving their workforce efficiency. In the current job market, recruiting and staffing agencies can be helpful, especially for businesses with clear and immediate IT needs. Instead of hiring a team of technical recruiters to work in-house, you can use an IT recruiting agency to find temporary workers at reasonable prices for a wide range of needs. In addition, IT staffing agencies work closely with hiring managers to ensure that candidates have the right skills and experience for the job.

Finding work in the United Kingdom, especially as a foreigner, is easiest through recruitment agencies. Employment placement firms absorb the services cost into the companies they help staff. The United Kingdom’s most reputable and successful staffing agencies are in London.

So before we get into our list of the leading tech recruitment agencies, it’s important to note that the tech industry is expected to keep growing worldwide and in the UK. However, there are a lot of specialists in London who all want to work with you, so it can be hard to know who you can trust with your job opening. It’s a shame that recruiters often get a bad rap, but the truth is that choosing the right long-term talent partner is just as important as any other part of your business.

That being said, your company must stay ahead of the competition in this age of rapid technological advancement. Long-term success requires finding top talent to drive your company’s ambitions and innovation.

Finding and Hiring the Best Tech Talent

Finding tech talent is difficult. Thus, hiring tech talent requires some guidance. Remember, employing competent IT workers is crucial for success. Yet, it’s not an easy job, especially if you’re starting.

Now, let’s discuss some tech talent recruitment tips before we get into the list of the leading tech recruiters in London. This guide will help you find the best tech talent for your company by emphasizing technical skills in job ads, conducting productive and fun recruiting interviews, and thoroughly vetting candidates.

1. Finding the right talent

Finding someone who is an excellent cultural and behavioral fit for your team is vital. It will help if you look for someone who is a perfect cultural fit and shares your values.

2. Offer flexible scheduling, competitive pay, and other perks and benefits

Finding people with the right skills is only part of the challenge of attracting and recruiting the best in technology. It’s also essential to provide them with a benefits package that helps them manage stress and develop professionally.

3. Learning and growth

Learning and growth remain top priorities as workers race to upskill, refocus, and advance in their fields. To attract and keep the best technical talent, you need to give them a chance to succeed in their careers through learning and growth opportunities.

4. Enhancing the Application Process

Start over if your recruitment strategy doesn’t include a simplified, efficient, and comprehensive candidate experience. From the introduction message to the offer letter, these first impressions and interactions can affect how a candidate views your company, whether they will participate in tasks and exercises, and whether they will recommend your company to their professional network.

5. Build relationships

Building relationships with candidates is crucial to recruitment. Hiring selectively allows you to get the best talent for your company without wasting time on unsuitable candidates. Transparency and honesty in the hiring process build trust.

Few Challenges of Technical Recruiting

In the tech industry, finding and hiring the best people is challenging. There is a stalemate because there aren’t enough qualified candidates, and there is a lot of demand for talented people. Hiring teams must be extra careful when choosing suitable candidates, especially those who have to care for their families. In this highly competitive world, if an organization picks the wrong candidate, it will cost more than just having a job open. So, hiring teams should look for an IT team that is outsourced.

Also, the demand for tech experts is high, but the shortage of qualified workers is much worse. PWC predicts that by 2030, China will be short 12 million workers, and Japan will be short 18 million. In addition, 92% of developers work either full- or part-time. The IT industry is booming, and as a result, businesses compete to hire the best and brightest tech workers. In any business, but especially one focused on technology or a new venture, the ability to attract and retain top-notch employees is essential.

Moreover, there are impatient candidates. If the process takes too long, the candidate may find another job. Long hiring processes deter 57% of candidates, according to Robert Half. Tech recruiters must shorten the hiring process to hire the best candidates. However, recruiters are motivated by quick decision-making.

Tools and Resources for Finding and Attracting Qualified Tech Talent

A number of resources available can help you in your search for a developer, whether you need someone with a specific skill set or are just looking for someone with a broad knowledge of programming in general.

Y Combinator runs the developer-focused news site HackerNews. It is a Reddit-like site for tech and development. It helps recruiters scale hiring and eliminates unconscious biases.

Another excellent tool for candidate surveys is SurveyMonkey. You can customize the questions to better understand your candidates.

You can also use the Gender Decoder, a free online resource, to help you spot gendered language in job postings. With this tool, you can save time and increase your chances of finding the ideal candidate. It will help you better understand the norms and beliefs that drive your business.

Remote hiring has been the new normal since 2020. With the right tools, people who want to work for your company from afar can find the best fit. With these tools, it’s easy to compare and evaluate candidates who are distant. Obviously, if you want to hire people, you need to build a robust talent brand.

2022 List of Leading Tech Recruiters in London

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best technical specialists for you to consider for your next role because, fortunately, some first-rate specialists offer some stellar options to help you hire top-candidate talent.

1. Slashdev.io

Slashdev.io is included in our list, but they are actually a global leader in staffing for IT specialists and IT professionals. Out of 1,000 applications, less than 1% make it through their vetting process to join their network, making their list of developers the best of the crop. They always know how to match significant roles with awesome people.

Specialisms: Cross categories, IT service, Permanent Work, Business, technology, contract role positions


2. Talentful

Talentful believes company culture and great teams help businesses adapt over time. They know this because they do this every day for their clients, helping them transform the candidate hiring world, which is excellent for job seekers, and their ability to find great jobs is proving popular with its candidates.

Specialisms: Software Development, Creative Design, Product Management, Cutting-Edge Technology, and Google Adwords

Top Tech Recruiters in London 2022

3. Roc Search

As its specialists Roc Search push boundaries and build an even more exciting future for their customers and people driven by people, placements, and passion, they provide excellent customer service to both large and small organization clients and candidates.

Specialisms: Technology, DevOps, Engineering, IT service, permanent work, business, and digital marketing (including email)

Top Tech Recruiters in London 2022

4. JM Longbridge Group

The JM Longbridge Group is a reputable London-based company providing technology, Digital Business Transformation experts. They have various portfolio candidate roles to choose from and will try to learn as much as possible about your specific requirements.

Specialisms: IT specialists, digital marketing (including Google ad management), finance, and IT administration

London’s Leading Tech Recruiters for the Year 2022

5. Rainmakrr

Rainmakrr is a top tech recruiter in London, focusing on positions in startups, digital blockchain, DevOps, and development.

London’s Leading Tech Recruiters for the Year 2022

6. La Fosse

Because of its technological and digital achievements, La Fosse has been named one of the UK’s Top 40 Best Companies to Work For. In addition to helping clients advance in their careers, they are experts at finding suitable employment.

London’s Leading Tech Recruiters for the Year 2022

7. Robert Half

Through its excellent recruitment service, Robert Half has acquired many brands as partners. As such, Robert Half is a fantastic IT Recruiter Agency that focuses on assisting highly qualified individuals in locating rewarding employment opportunities anywhere in the world.

Specialisms: Web dev, database, managed solutions, contract, technology, IT vacancies in general.

London’s Leading Tech Recruiters for the Year 2022

8. Crimson

Crimson avoids complexity in favor of efficiency. Crimson is a leading IT solutions provider and recruiter because they understand more than its competitors the challenges of locating and placing in-demand contract and full-time IT professionals.

Specialisms: Information technology and Web development

London’s Leading Tech Recruiters for the Year 2022

9. Morgan Hunt

With locations all over the country, Morgan Hunt has established itself as a top choice for public and private sector organizations looking to hire top IT talent.

Specialisms: Public & Private, IT service, Permanent Work, Business, Data science, engineering, device design

London’s Leading Tech Recruiters for the Year 2022

10. Montash

Candidates, IT professionals, and clients of the Montash Company have come to trust them because of their extensive knowledge and experience in the hiring industry.

Specialisms: Cross-category, tech, and data science

London’s Leading Tech Recruiters for the Year 2022

11. Just IT

If you’re looking to hire at the apprentice or entry level in the field of information technology, look no further than Just IT, one of the leading IT specialists and an excellent IT Recruiter Agency.

They also offer training and support to help young people enter the IT field, which has already provided thousands of young professionals with their first job.

Specialisms: Entry-level and IT Apprenticeships, technology

London’s Leading Tech Recruiters for the Year 2022

12. Annapurna

Annapurna, headquartered in Borough, is a multi-award-winning solutions provider known for its dedication to its clientele’s success in human resources, information technology, and business change.

Specialisms: Digital industry, Tech & HR, eCommerce, Digital marketing (including email), IT support, internal team placement for brands

London’s Leading Tech Recruiters for the Year 2022

13. Xist4

To help your company succeed, Xist4 will find IT professionals who meet your role or job candidate vacancy criteria, fit well with your company’s culture and help drive your company forward.

Specialisms: IT, Developers

London’s Leading Tech Recruiters for the Year 2022

14. Cortex

We’ve included Cortex in our list of London IT recruiters because they’re an industry leader in the middle-tier of IT positions like software development, web design, technical consulting, project management, and business analysis. They work with businesses of all sizes.

Specialisms: Web Dev, Dev Ops, Full Stack, small team to large organization it services, Tech Jobs, IT administration

London’s Leading Tech Recruiters for the Year 2022

15. Prism Digital

Prism Digital is an expert in the DevOps field and is widely regarded as among London’s nicest and most successful search agencies.

Prism Digital has built a stellar reputation for the value it brings to the table through its long-term partnership approach to bringing together brilliant minds and top-tier IT talent with exceptional employers.

London’s Leading Tech Recruiters for the Year 2022

16. Monarch IT

Our list of technology staffing firms includes Monarch because of their commitment to fostering business and professional growth through the alignment of talent and vision.

Established on the principle of matching the right person with the right job or role at the right time, Monarch continues to build its reputation for providing outstanding service to its clients.

Specialisms: Cross category, IT service, Permanent Work, Business, small team to large organization IT services

London’s Leading Tech Recruiters for the Year 2022

17. Applause IT

Applause IT is a Birmingham-based IT recruitment firm serving clients in Birmingham and London. The firm specializes in placing mid to upper-level IT professionals in businesses of all sizes.

Specialisms: Cross-industry, IT support roles, Website Development, Digital Marketing (including email)

London’s Leading Tech Recruiters for the Year 2022

18. Protech

ProTech is a thriving company specializing in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Manufacturing) industries.

ProTech Recruitment Consultants is a firm that has been dedicated to finding top-tier technical and engineering professionals for its clients since 1988.

Specialisms: Engineering and Science

London’s Leading Tech Recruiters for the Year 2022

19. Hanover

Hanover is a top IT staffing firm that has won numerous awards. They focus on providing support for digital transformation, email marketing, website design, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and data. They offer contract and permanent recruiters in all of these areas.

Specialisms: Digital transformation, Data Science, Website Design

London’s Leading Tech Recruiters for the Year 2022

20. Blu Digital

Blu Digital, a Digital and IT recruiter with offices in London’s financial district, is featured in our list because of their commitment to excellence and the satisfaction of their clients.

Specialisms: Digital, Tech Industry, Support Desk, Web Designers, Email marketing, Internal client Teams for Brands, google AdWords, data science, Digital recruitment consultants, eCommerce

London’s Leading Tech Recruiters for the Year 2022

21. Rec Works

The best java developers in London are matched with the best java developer jobs, tech candidate vacancies, and new role opportunities by RecWorks. This firm combines tech developers, talent, recruiters, and engaged tech communities.

Specialisms: DevOps

London’s Leading Tech Recruiters for the Year 2022

22. Deerfoot

With a focus on meeting the needs of individual IT talent candidates and their corporate clients, Deerfoot stands out as one of the industry’s most responsive and objective search firms and IT recruitment companies.

Constantly aware of its moral and social responsibilities to everyone, Deerfoot wants to become a trusted partner that can quickly find and deliver new candidates for all functional roles and technologies in the IT department. As a specialist, they always have many IT job openings.

Specialisms: IT, DevOps, Cloud, small team to large organization IT services

London’s Leading Tech Recruiters for the Year 2022

23. Langley James

Langley James, an IT recruitment company, has worked with amazing businesses to recruit outstanding candidate talent and ambitious, city-based organizations and connect exciting opportunities to the best, most suitable, and highly effective people for 20 years.

London’s Leading Tech Recruiters for the Year 2022

24. One Hundred

One of the many technology recruitment firms we recommend in our guide is 100, which can help you find the best IT professionals for any need.

Their top consultants have extensive training and are dedicated to meeting your specific needs while providing exceptional value. You can contact them to review your hiring needs on-site or to learn about the most current and exciting opportunities in technology.

London’s Leading Tech Recruiters for the Year 2022

25. Consol Partners

For FTSE and Fortune 500 companies, as well as global brands and startups, Consol Partners is a reliable source for permanent and contract staffing solutions in the technology domains and its talent.

ConSol Partners, named the 2017 Best Staffing Firm to Work For by Staffing Industry Analysts, is at the forefront of Internet Technology and continues to grow to serve new and existing clients and IT professionals.

London’s Leading Tech Recruiters for the Year 2022

26. Cloud International

CI claims to be the only global recruiter that exclusively provides skilled professionals in Identity, SAP, and the programming language and architecture that ensures an organization’s Cloud infrastructure, and they have many cloud clients.

Specialisms: Cloud, DevOps, AWS, IT contract, IT permanent work business service, systems architecture, high-quality network logistics

London’s Leading Tech Recruiters for the Year 2022

27. Jefferson Frank

Jefferson Frank calls itself the “it recruiter of choice,” they work with its talent and organizations worldwide to locate and deliver the best candidates. They are also the largest firm in the world.

Specialisms: High-quality network logistics, Cloud network engineers

London’s Leading Tech Recruiters for the Year 2022

28. Uniting Cloud

When it comes to finding and placing top-tier technical talent in the field of cloud network technologies, Uniting Cloud aspires to be the industry standard worldwide.

Specialisms: IT contract, IT permanent work business service, Network roles, IT administration

London’s Leading Tech Recruiters for the Year 2022

29. Empiric

Empiric, a dynamic technology and transformation search firm, specializes in data, digital, Cloud, security, and transformation services to ensure excellent candidate selection. Thus, they are experts in all areas and work hard to find the right candidate to help you hire successfully.

Specialisms: Permanent work business service, Strong candidate selection ethos, Technology, Contract IT role positions

London’s Leading Tech Recruiters for the Year 2022

30. BrighterBox

BrighterBox, a graduate IT solutions company, helps grads find grad candidate jobs by offering end-to-end support, expert insights, and genuine relationships. They are trying to create an entirely new career service to meet all your first job vacancy needs. Brighter Box helps IT and digital brands hire because of this approach.

Specialisms: Grad jobs, IT, Email marketing, Digital, IT administration, Web design

London’s Leading Tech Recruiters for the Year 2022

31. Aspire

For a very long time, Aspire has been the go-to media industry recruiter for top IT talent. In those days, the internet was referred to as “new media,” there was no such thing as LinkedIn, and Aspire was still running newspaper ads.

Specialisms: Digital, Paid, google AdWords management, website design, data science

London’s Leading Tech Recruiters for the Year 2022

32. Nicoll Curtin

Nicoll Curtin is a London-based firm widely regarded as one of the world’s leading fintech experts. Nine out of ten candidates would recommend Nicoll Curtin because of their dedication to matching top talent with the best companies in their field.

Specialisms: Fintech Headhunters, Finance, Tech Recruitment Agency

London’s Leading Tech Recruiters for the Year 2022

33. Captura

Captura is featured in our guide because its founders have been working in the financial industry for over 27 years, with the last 14 of those years devoted explicitly to establishing and maintaining fruitful working relationships with vendors of financial technology (FinTech) and the FinTech departments of investment banks, wealth managers, hedge funds, exchanges, insurance companies, and retail banks.

Specialisms: finance, Fintech, data science

London’s Leading Tech Recruiters for the Year 2022

The Path to Technical Recruiting Success

Recruiting top-notch IT professionals is a must for any successful business, but it can be challenging to do without the help of the top recruitment agencies we recommend in this guide. Fortunately, there are some measures you can take to simplify the task. Having a well-designed and straightforward website is a must. As a result, interested candidates will have an easier time locating relevant job postings.

Hiring Remote iOS Developers

In Summary

In order to get started on the path to becoming a talent magnet, ensure to promote your company’s culture and the perks of working there in the job posting. You should write an interesting job description that highlights your company’s culture and what applicants can expect to accomplish while working for you. These guidelines should make finding and hiring top-notch IT professionals a breeze.

Now that you know how to get the best people to work for you, are you ready to find out how to keep them?