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The Cost Advantage of Going Global//



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The Cost Advantage of Going Global/
The Cost Advantage of Going Global

A Comparison Of Two Markets/

San Francisco, United States:

  • Frontend developer hourly rates – $70-$100 per hour
  • Time to hire – 2-6 months
  • Risk – High costs of failure

Eastern Europe:

  • Freelance Frontend developer hourly rate – $20-$38 per hour
  • Time to hire – within weeks
  • Risk – Usually only what you invest with short notice periods

In San Francisco, you will pay up to 5x the cost and take on much more risk to hire a full-time frontend developer.

What That Means On A Team

This means that with a team based in Eastern Europe you could have a lead designer, a frontend and backend developer, a product manager, and a project manager for the cost of your frontend developer in San Francisco. Enough to basically drive your project forward while you enjoy yourself.

What That Means For Production

Again, not everything is about cost. You want to have the right team locally to drive things forward. You want to build your team to win in your industry. That doesn’t mean that your local team won’t benefit from a couple of remote team members to help them out. Even for some of the most demanding jobs in the world like Banking and Consulting, you will find that they actually have remote teams helping them to deliver every single day. For the professions most focused on execution in the world, remote talent helps them get there.