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The Right Development Team For Your Venture (CTO Or No CTO?)/



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The Right Development Team For Your Venture (CTO Or No CTO?)

The Right Development Team For Your Venture (CTO Or No CTO)

The Best Thing To Do Is Get Started With 1 Full-Time Developer

The best way to get started is to bring in one full-time developer to help you drive forward your project. This always you to get the most for your money, get the full focus of your developer, and move things forward at a fast pace.

Getting started with one developer also helps you learn how to onboard a remote developer to your team, how to work your backlog, and other challenges that you will master along the way.

Most founders will be amazed and how much they can get done with one full-time developer on their team.

When You Have A CTO Already

The best situation to make things move quickly and without any roadblocks is if you already have technical skill or a CTO on your team to drive things forward. As you can imagine this allows your freelance talent to jump into the team and immediately start to produce with the support of an experienced professional for any questions they might have.

When You Need A CTO To Lead The Technical Side Of Your Business

When you do not have a CTO on your team and are looking to build a technical product you need to make sure that you take your time and make the right decisions. We recommend you find someone that is open to a CTO role and who has experience building exactly the type of platform you are building or very close in technical scope. Then it is always best to give the relationship time to develop before you move forward with making them your CTO, you will want to get to know each other and understand how you operate.