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VC Funding Q1 2023/



Michael is a software engineer and startup growth expert with 10+ years of software engineering and machine learning experience.

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VC Funding Q1 2023

Global VC Funding Falls Across All Stages In Q1, Despite Massive OpenAI And Stripe Deals  

Global venture funding in q1 2023 was about $76 Billion. This is a 53% decline from the same levels last year.

Without the Stripe and OpenAI deals venture funding would have been close to $60 Billion.

This is some of the worst times for raising capital in recent memory. Although times are much different than in 2008. Despite global turbulence and rising interest rates. There is still a lot of momentum in the market and many startups are learning to build with more resourcefulness. On top of this the paradigm shift of AI seems to be empowering many founders to create new solutions that will boost productivity in the overall market.

It is a good time to be a builder.