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Why Build With NextJS?

Next.js is the most popular fullstack JavaScript framework in the world. It is upsed by top companies to build some of the fastest and most advanced software products in the world today.

The Benefits of NextJS

Next.js holds a prominent place among contemporary web technologies for crafting static websites and applications.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Next.js is its ability to create static pages that still function as if they were dynamic.

Building with Next.js is an excellent decision if:

  • The content demands frequent updates or must always be current.
  • Real-time publishing support is essential – for instance, multi-user sites require this feature.
  • Reconstructing the entire website is not a concern – as doing so would consume significant time (and money) with static site generation (SSG). A large eCommerce website serves as a good example.

In other words, Next.js is an ideal choice if you desire a swift and SEO-optimized website, but the frequency of updates makes complete static rendering too time-consuming. In such scenarios, server-side rendering (SSR) takes precedence over SSG, and Next.js excels in this area.

Moreover, who wouldn’t want to leverage the advantages of modern web technology to accomplish:

  • Rapid page loading times
  • User-friendly interface and enhanced user experience
  • Easy content addition capabilities (e.g., through a content management system)
  • SEO effectiveness
  • Affordable hosting expenses
  • Effortless maintenance

These benefits make Next.js a top choice for many web development projects.