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Michael is a software engineer and startup growth expert with 10+ years of software engineering and machine learning experience.

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Why Fast-Growing Technology Companies Build With Remote Talent

After years of working with remote talent and talking to hundreds of entrepreneurs building companies slashdev.io has found that freelance remote talent is key to almost all fast-growing companies. Remote talent provides fast-growing software companies with much more skilled technical talent at a fraction of the price (50% or less per hour) they would pay in major cities. 

Are You A Fast-Growing Software Company?

Even if you are not a fast-growing software company, remote talent can help you maintain your existing solution, build an MVP, or solve your immediate development needs. Although, fast-growing companies benefit the most from remote talent. We find our most satisfied customers are often product companies, agencies, or service providers. The faster they need to grow the more they value the senior developers we can bring in to support them at a moments notice.

Software Talent Is The Bottleneck To Growth

You can be a product company or a service provider, either way, if you find yourself taking on more projects your number one problem is probably getting the resources you need to execute and deliver. In today’s world even growing your tech team by one every 6 months is extremely difficult in most major cities. Anything faster requires a strong understanding of how to recruit and market yourself as a top employer.

Finding Tech Talent Is The Hardest Problem In Major Cities

Cities like London, Manchester, Los Angeles, New York, and any other major American or European city is facing a massive talent shortage. The USA and the UK are the two most expensive cities in the world for software engineers. Even if you are lucky enough to find a talented engineer in your city with the skillset you are looking for, it is likely that they will cost you well over $100,000 per year.

Software continues to eat the world and the companies that can leverage it are winning. In order to play in this game, you need the talent to build excellent products. You can find this talent in major cities but for most entrepreneurs, $100,000 is simply too much to build an MVP or move a project forward. With slashdev.io and our vetted remote talent you can get a full team of 3-4 senior developers instead of one recently graduated local.

Remote Tech Talent Is More Than 3x As Skilled For The Price

Most of the developers in our network have at least 5 years of professional experience, with many having 10-20 years of development experience. The level of expertise this can bring to a growing team is incredible. At that price point in a major city, you are getting someone fresh out of school.

Remote Tech Talent Is Twice As Affordable

As we have said before, a developer who is only a couple years out of school in London can easily get over $120,000 per year. Depending on the price point for our clients we can easily get Senior Developer with 5+ years of professional experience for $40,000-$80,000 or even less in certain situations.

Remote Tech Talent Is 10x Faster To Find

Recruiters in major cities often require 3-6 months to fill an opening. We can often fill recruitments the next day. Even for highly specialized recruitments, we can have hundreds of qualified applicants within 7 days. Since we are experts at global recruitment we know exactly how to drive applications which is the name of the recruitment game.

In Order To Recruit Top Talent Fast-Growing Companies Would Need To Be Professional Recruiters

The expertise needed to get hundreds if not thousands of applicants is simply not something most companies have and not something they should have. When you are focused on building an excellent product or service your creative focus should be there.

Slashdev Allows Fast-Growing Companies To Focus On Delivering Their Product Or Service Instead Of Recruiting Themselves And Slowing Their Growth

We have noticed in the past that companies fall into two main categories when they are doing recruitment wrong. They either do not spend enough time and get expensive, lower-quality talent for their tech team or they spend too much time trying to run their own recruitments and don’t have the time to improve their core business. There is a time for companies to develop their own recruitment skill set. They should understand when to go with remote talent like we have at slashdev.io and when it makes sense to bring on local talent. In many cases, we recommend companies bring their CTO and leadership team in locally or at least make sure they find the perfect fit and align incentives. Building a leadership team is hard and you need team members who will really drive the vision of the company. Other skill specific roles are perfect for remote freelance employees.