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Why Going Global Is The Right Choice For Many Entrepreneurs//



Michael is a software engineer and startup growth expert with 10+ years of software engineering and machine learning experience.

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Why Going Global Is The Right Choice For Many Entrepreneurs/
Why Going Global Is The Right Choice For Many Entrepreneurs?

When hiring global freelance software engineers you are able to get more for your money, you are able to hire more senior engineers, and you can hire much faster than a local employment.

Unmatched Utility – Simply More For Your Money

For many entrepreneurs, the cost of development is by far the largest expense they will face in building their business. Especially in large cities it can be nearly impossible to find an experienced developer for a reasonable price. This is the main reason many turn to global talent to get the job done. Once you go global you are able to find top developers in any niche skill for a competitive global price, often ⅓ or even less the cost of a local hire in many places. Just imagine the difference between building your product for $10,000 vs $30,000 and even more so for a $50,000 project. You can find experienced and skilled developers for $28-$38 per hour if you open your search globally. Often you can find a developer who has built exactly what you need and has several years of professional experience under his or her belt.

Speed – Get Talent Faster and Produce More

With many projects speed and timing are incredibly important. Hiring a full-time developer to your team can take months to get done as well as countless hours recruiting, paying large recruitment fees, and investing significant time and energy into onboarding. To compare with our freelance talent we usually match you with a skilled developer in 4 days. In a world where many entrepreneurs need their project done yesterday this is a life saver. We frequently see speed as one of the top drivers of value with remote freelance talent. Many are amazed to see how fast the process can go and how quickly they can start producing for their project with no upfront costs or long-term commitments.

Founders Can’t Find Talent Locally

We all love a good work environment and the value of working together in person is clear. However, it is very difficult to find all of the skills you need to build a company today locally. Especially if you don’t want to compete with companies like Apple and Spotify for talent in your market. We speak to many entrepreneurs who simply can’t find experienced developers in their tech stack. Taking on someone who is just starting with a technology is an investment in their education and often will not produce the level of product most companies are looking for. Best practice is to find someone with several years of professional experience who has already built what you are looking for several times. With some niche applications this is not possible, however, the benefit of an experienced developer even on a new project is significant.

Perfect For A Small Or Growing Team

Remote freelance developers can fit on teams of all sizes. They can also work great even if you don’t have someone technical on the team to work with them, making them the default CTO. We have seen successful teams of every type. The most common situation is a team that has a CTO in place but needs more support developing to keep up with new features and bugs. This is usually a very smooth process as your internal CTO can setup your remote developer with tasks and onboard them in to the codebase. This can also work great if you have a backend focused CTO who needs support with the frontend or vice versa. The next level of this would be a development team who would like a bit more support with their development backlog. This works is also very smooth and we see many teams add several remote developers to their team to help move things forward. We also see situations where the developer is the default CTO of the company. This often happens when you have a business minded founder who has an idea and needs support to execute the technical side of it. These cases are a bit trickier as you really need to have strong communication and align on the vision. We also recommend that the founder learn more about the technical side so that they can help to guide the product vision and know what can/can’t be done. Overall, we see freelance developers working for all ranges of teams and sizes.