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Our Vision To Be The Best/

We know that the companies of the future will be different. That is why we are building Slashdev with the future in mind. In order to be one of the best companies for developers in the world we need to stand for something good. We need to build a company that people would be proud to work with.

As we build Slashdev we have 3 drivers that we believe will set us apart in the market and help make our community the top choice for the world’s best engineers.


We are building Slashdev to help developers and entrepreneurs achieve freedom. We will always look to build Slashdev in a way that helps the world be more free and allows individuals to do what they love.


We have high hopes for the possibilities of decentralization and are building Slashdev with it in mind. We believe the platforms of the future will be transparent, decentralized, and give the right incentives and rewards to key memebers.


Everything we do is predicated on value. Without excellent developers who can deliver on our promise we have nothing. Our value will always be rooted in the quality of our developers and our ability to support them.

What We Provide For Our Devs/



Top US Jobs

/dev developers get matched with top US startups and scalups. We never hesitate to pay up for top performers.



Career Growth

Jumpstart your career growth by working with the latest technologies in the leading global market for startups.



Elite Community

Join a developer network on a mission to change the world. Build products and services with some of the best engineers around.

Helping Developers Achieve Financial Freedom/

Slashdev is committed to helping our network achieve professional and financial freedom. To back this up we are matching an amount equal to 2% of our developers pay towards a Future Fund that we will design as a modern investment fund for our community.

More to come!


What We Provide For Our Entrepreneurs/

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More For Your Money

Slashdev finds the best talent in the world for $28-$38 per hour. Giving you talent you simply could not get for that price locally.

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Professionally Recruited Talent

Slashdev screens thousands of developers to find the best talent. We are constantly turning away good candidates to ensure our network is great.

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Easy Collaboration

Slashdev helps you match with a developer in a matter of days. We screen all our our developers on communication skill and hold a standard of excellence in our network to make your life easy.

Become A Long-Term Partner And Gain Access TO 5,000+ Vetted Engineers/

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