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/dev developers get matched with top US startups and scalups. We never hesitate to pay up for top performers.


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Jumpstart your career growth by working with the latest technologies in the leading global market for startups.


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Join a developer network on a mission to change the world. Build products and services with some of the best engineers around.

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Senior Developer


Remote Work: USA


Senior Developer


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What It Takes To Be A Slashdev Developer/

/dev engineers are the following:

Top 1% development skill

Do you have several years of experience developing? Or are you a young rising star ready to produce beyond your years?

Fluent in English

Do you have strong english skills? Are you able to take feedback and guidance and turn it into results?

Positive Growth Mindset

We look for developers with the right mindset. People who are ready to tackle challenges and drive results for their team.

Proactive Communicator

We frequently ask questions and regularly check in with our projects. We do daily standups and set expectations right.

Delivering In Your DNA

One of our core values is to deliver excellence for our clients. Our devs execute because it is just who they are.

3-6 hrs available for testing

Set a new highscore on our /dev assessments. They are designed to be quick and effective at showing what you can do.


How It Works To Join The Mission/

Work with the best software companies in just 4 easy steps


Pass Our Vetting Process

Solve questions and appear for technical interview.



Setup you /dev profile and complete our upskilling program.


Get Matched To Jobs

Start matching and meeting potential jobs with top US startups.


Start Building The Future

Live up to our values and produce some excellent work, repeat, grow, learn.

Developer FAQ/

How do we recruit ?


The first step in getting great developers is getting applicants. At we get over 2,000+ applicants every month. We then put these candidates through a best practice interview process designed alongside our talent strategist, a previous Tesla Software Engineer. After putting candidates through technical interviews, code challenges, and extensive vetting we arrive at the 0.5% who make it into our network to be considered for jobs.

How are different?


This depends on who you are comparing our engineers to. Compared to Upwork it is a night and day difference in the quality of engineers. Compared to other professional services like TopTal we have similar engineers applying to our network, the truth is Toptal and others take insane margins on their talent and in many cases will take on more junior engineers than we are willing to ake onboard.

Can I really hire in a matter of days?


Yes! We usually send over profiles to our partners in a matter of days and have plenty of cases where we are signing developers to full-time jobs only a couple days after our first call with the partner.

How does the risk-free trial work for ?


In the first 7 days of billed hours with your developer you can cancel at anytime and pay nothing. We only want to work with you if you are thrilled to keep working with our developers.

What type of talent does have?


We have over 200 skills in our network from frontend engineers, backend engineers, fullstack engineers, mobile engineers, DevOps engineers, Data Scientists, Game Engineers, and more.

How can you get top for $28-$38 per hour?


The reality is that many large companies are already doing this, when you invest in proper global recruitment you can find a ton of senior developers at reasonable prices.

How is different from Toptal and others?


At we strive to always provide our clients with expert senior developers at an incredible value. To make sure we continue to do this we spend more on recruiting on a per client basis than anyone we know of, we also charge some of the most humble margins in the industry and charge nothing upfront. We built the service we always felt like we needed as entrepreneurs. We encourage all of our partners to shop around as we know they will find others have similar or lower quality talent for much higher rates.

How do get paid?


Since we work as a freelance platform we do not pay our developers a salary. They are paid directly by you as the client each month. This allows us to pass on the savings to our partners and take a much lower cut than traditional agencies that usually charge 5x what they pay their developers.

What if I want to stop working with my ?


We make it extremely easy to scale down an engagement. As soon as you tell your developer to stop tracking hours you will not pay for any more work. In some cases for full-time developers we do expect you to honor our 10 day notice period, otherwise you can stop working as soon as you like.


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React Developer

Slashdev has been a great choice for my career! If you are a freelancer or interested in freelancing you should work with Slashdev! I am now able to work remote and pick from a variety of interesting projects.



Senior Frontend Developer

Working with Slashdev has been wonderful. I now work full-time with a company in the USA and have the freedom to spend more time with my family and kids.



Backend Developer

Slashdev has been The Best Remote experience by far that I have had. I hate selling and Slashdev lets me focus on coding instead of selling myself.

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We connect top developers from around the world with the best startups, scaleups, and large enterprises in the USA and Europe. If you can prove your ability to execute we can be your partner in taking your career to the next level.

Our goal is to be the best talent platform in the world and build everything with the future in mind.

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