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6 Years Of Experience

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Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina




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6 years

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Senior QA Developer

Amina is an experienced Senior QA Developer with 6 years of experience. She has used tools & languages such as Selenium, Protractor, JMeter, Xamarin, C/C++, Python, and JavaScript. She has experience in different types of testing as well: Automated Testing, Manual Testing, API Testing, Performance Testing, User Story Testing, and more. She is very familiar with software development lifecycle, software testing lifecycle, test scenarios and quality assurance tests.

Professional Experience

Senior QA Engineer

1 year 9 months

Authority Partners

working on triage and investigation of production issues

communicating daily with multiple teams

working on analyzing stories for new functionalities creating test cases and executing them

working on the new functionalities by analyzing and creating test cases

Automation project based on POM pattern with Pages, automation folder where tests, test parameters and properties can be found, another folder for enum, helper, parameters, properties and APIs

Verify new layout, changes on templates of the pdf files in UI tests. Tests consisted of using services and test data to create accounts, generate pdf files and asserting that templates have certain titles, sections or messages

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QA Engineer

1 year 7 months

Softray Solutions

Project for USA company that is one of leaders in Intelligent Traffic Control Systems

Elaborating business logic on daily meetings

Setup automated test framework, Protractor

Creating and executing automation tests

Regression testing

Mentoring new colleagues

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QA Engineer

11 months

Pragmatio Solutions

Project done for Rhode&Schwarz

Analysing and creating test cases based on client's requirements

Deployment of code on production environment

Frontend and backend testing

Load and Performance testing

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QA Engineer

11 months


Creating and updating automation scripts using Xamarin (Selenium and C#) for mobile application for iOS and Android.

Automation project was based on POM pattern.

Calabash for BDD testing

IoT based project

Creating test cases

Project was structured to have Pages folder, Tests with feature tests and Regression tests, Test suites for specific functionalities, Models with data and statuses, Services for registration and deleting of test accounts. One of my responsibilities was to create or update scripts with new selectors pushed with code to QA environment with appl.Repl() and using tree command in terminal. Debugging of failed tests integrated with TestRail

Sanity, Smoke and Regression testing

Elaborating business logic

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QA Analyst

6 months


Creating test cases

Manual testing

Regression testing

Participating in daily Scrum meetings

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Elektrotehnički fakultet

Telecommunications Engineering

Developer Profile


Score 5: Expertly architects projects, oversees engineering teams, and guides company-wide tech initiatives.


Score 5: Expertly conveys technical scope and vision, aligns tech solutions with business requirements, and mentors in effective communication.

Professsional Experience:

Score 5: Veteran Technologist - Carries vast experience, having helmed diverse and complex projects across industries, and showcases a history of strategic and impactful project completions.

Engineering Skill:

Score 4: Tech Lead/Architect - Oversees large-scale projects, defines architectural decisions, and strategizes tech solutions.


Score 5: Elite Professional - Embodies the highest standards in all interactions, mentors others in professional growth, and sets the benchmark for workplace excellence.

Skill Evaluation: 9/10

Professional Strengths

  • Excellent Quality Assurance Engineer with experience in many different work environments and tools.
  • Excellent leadership and communication skills.

About me

Hello, I am Amina. I have an interest in PCB design and implementation of embedded systems at my free time. I have worked with microcontrollers such as arduino, STM32 and Stellaris (Texas Instruments).